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Cream Coated Mask

Cream Coated Mask

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The CALMING CREAM COATED MASK provides fast, restorative relief for sensitive skin that tends to get irritated quickly. The Cream Coated Mask is particularly suitable for dry, stressed skin. It contains soothing and nourishing propolis extract, almond oil, and shea butter.


The CALMING CREAM COATED fleece mask inspires with its blend of active ingredients for more sensitive, dry, and stressed skin. Cynanchum atratum extract soothes the skin, alleviates mild redness, and supports the skin’s natural protection barrier. The perfectly coordinated combination of propolis extract, almond oil, and shea butter boost skin regeneration and make the skin look more balanced, relaxed, and perfectly nourished. Moreover, hyaluronic acid provides moisture for dry, tight skin.
Dry, depleted skin is perfectly nourished, slight redness and irritation are reduced, and the skin is soothed, balanced, and groomed.

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