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Your Hair Towel

Your Hair Towel

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We know it goes without saying but your Hair Towel will be your new BFF for after the bath, shower, gym or during your beauty rituals. This hair towel wrap helps reduce the frizz and maintain healthier hair by cutting the time of blow drying and heat exposure which ultimately reduces the risk of split ends and excessive damage. Works great for long or short hair, straight or curly- if you have hair it will work for you! Includes travel friendly reusable pouch for those gym bunnies and jet setters! 

*One size fits all.


Pro Tip: Great to wear for facials or while applying makeup to protect and control hair


Care for your hair towel: Machine wash on a cool to low level heat wash and dry, do not bleach


Ethos: Cruelty free, vegan, hypoallergenic

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