A Guide To Nano link Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know Before Trying Them

What are nano link extensions?

Nano link extensions are a type of extension characterized by using very small beads to attach individual hair extension pieces to your natural hair. The application is typically done row by row but is completely customizable to your head shape and desired results! They’re perfect for a big transformation or just using a few pieces to add fullness or pops of colour.


Are they the right type of extensions for my hair?

Nano link extensions are amazing because they’re suitable for nearly all hair types. Some hair extensions types such as tapes or wefts can be visible on the head when working with very fine or damaged hair, however Nanos are almost undetectable due to the tiny attachment piece used.

Nano link extensions cause very minimal damage as no glue, adhesive or acetone based products are used during the application or removal process. When properly maintained they can make your hair healthier!

Watch this short video on how you would care your extensions at home.


How long does the hair & installation last?

Nano link extensions are reusable and very durable. You can have them reinstalled many times at your maintenance appointments (every 6-8 weeks) which gives them a long lifespan (1-2 years)

Due to their tiny size, these extensions are very easy to style and conceal making them blend right into your normal hair styling routine and your lifestyle.


How much do they cost?

Application and maintenance appointments range from $110-$220, dependant on how many bundles of hair is used.

The bundles of hair themselves range from $140-$298 per bundle dependant on weight, colour and amount. Each bundle contains 25-50 pieces.


In case that didn't convince you to embrace a new level of glamour with nano bead extensions, maybe this will ..

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