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We are beyond excited to introduce Colorproof, a revolutionary hair care brand now available at our salon! Colorproof is dedicated to delivering exceptional care for color-treated hair, combining science and nature to offer products that protect, enhance, and prolong your hair color. We are proud to offer our clients this premium line, ensuring that every strand of your hair looks and feels its best.
Why Choose Colorproof?
1. Cutting-Edge Formulations 
Colorproof products are crafted with advanced formulas that cater specifically to the needs of color-treated hair. With multi-weight proteins, potent anti-oxidants, and natural botanicals, these products provide comprehensive care that protects and enhances your hair color.
2. Unmatched Color Protection
Colorproof sets the standard in color protection. The products are designed to shield your hair from UV rays, environmental pollutants, and heat damage, ensuring your color remains vibrant and radiant longer than ever before.
3. Gentle and Effective
The entire Colorproof range is sulfate-free and salt-free, which means they cleanse without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. This gentle approach ensures that your hair retains its essential oils and hydration, keeping it healthy and shiny.
4. Ethical Beauty
Colorproof is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. All products are vegan and cruelty-free,
allowing you to enjoy high-quality hair care without
compromising your values.

Spotlight on Two Amazing Collections

In the coming months, we will focus on two incredible collections from Colorproof: the Essentials Collection and the Toning Collection. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated and dive deeper into what makes these collections stand out!
Essentials Collection 
The Essentials Collection is the perfect introduction to Colorproof, offering must-have products that deliver outstanding care and protection for color-treated hair. These essentials ensure your hair remains vibrant, healthy, and effortlessly beautiful every day.
Key Products:
  • Pre-tox Spray: Gently and easily filter away environmental pollutants, hard water minerals and dulling residue. Pre-shampoo treatment gently extracts color-dulling residue that builds up on hair. Clarifies to reveal brighter, more brilliant hair.
  • Clear it up Shampoo: Gently clarify, renew and remove color-dulling build-up. Leaves hair amazingly clean, soft and vibrant.
  • Instant Reboot Treatment Masque: Zero-fuss, 2-step treatment to reset, nourish, replenish and instantly transform damaged hair.
  • Essential Leave-In: Does. It. All.Nourish, smooth and help reduce breakage. Protects against heat and damage for soft, vibrant hair.
Toning Collection
The Toning Collection is designed for those who want to maintain their color's brilliance between salon visits. Perfect for blondes and those with highlighted hair, this collection neutralizes brassiness and enhances your color’s true tones.
Key Products:
  •  Daily Blonde Shampoo: Gently cleanse while toning and brightening blonde, lightened and silver hair. Sulfate-free, daily purple shampoo cancels brassiness and yellow tones, leaving hair revitalized and color fresh and protected.
  • Daily Blonde Conditioner: Daily purple conditioner helps neutralize brassy tones while brightening and softening hair. Detangles, nourishes, strengthens and protects hair from environmental factors and fading for vibrant, brilliant blonde.
  • Weekly Blonde Masque: Fortify, tone and protect with this ultra-pigmented, purple treatment masque that helps to correct and neutralize brassy tones while treating damage caused by lightening and coloring. Enriches hair and smooths the cuticle for shiny, color-protected, radiant hair.
  • Blonde Toning Drops: Banish brass on your terms. These highly-pigmented, purple drops transform your favorite hair products into an instant toner. Custom mix to help to eliminate brass and keep blonde, silver and platinum shades cool and fresh.
Discover Your Perfect Match
Not sure which collection is right for you? Take the Colorproof Hair Quiz to find out which products best suit your hair’s needs. Once you've discovered your ideal Colorproof collection, visit us in-store to enjoy special savings on your purchase with the coupon code BUYMORESAVEMORE.
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Embrace the future of hair care with Colorproof. Visit us today and experience the difference that high-quality, innovative products can make. Your journey to vibrant, healthy, and beautiful hair starts now!
We are thrilled to offer Colorproof at our salon and look forward to seeing the amazing transformations it will bring to your hair. Don’t forget to take the hair quiz and come visit us for personalized recommendations and fantastic savings.
See you soon!
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