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Rene Furterer

Astera Sensitive Pollution Protection Serum

Astera Sensitive Pollution Protection Serum

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This high-tolerance leave-in serum provides lasting protection to sensitive scalps which are permanently and excessively reactive to external aggressions. Thanks to the exclusive combination of natural Asteraceae extract, Moringa extract and Hamamelis Floral Water, it acts as an invisible shield against the effects of urban pollution, including PM 2.5 fine particles. As soon as it is applied, this translucent and ultra-soft melting gel provides immediate comfort and well-being. The hair is soft and shiny. Suitable for use in children three years of age and older.


An ultra-lightweight melting gel formula that acts as an invisible shield to protects against external aggressions.


Protection against pollution serum : contains moringa extract, known for its properties against pollution, to protect the scalp against the effects of external aggressions.
Reinforce natural defenses : reduces the excessive reactivity of the scalp diminishes and relieves it.
Leave-in formula : can be applied with the special scalp tip, as the last step of the hair routine, and does not need to be rinsed out.

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